Monday, April 17, 2017

SE3EP13: Favorite Blouse, Favorite Wig, Favorite Boots

"Ship's Log, Stardate 94896.33:
When I think about favorites, I tend to only think about main pieces.  But I definitely have some favorite staple items and accessories, too!

Come take a look!

The first is this blouse from F+F.

I wear this blouse more than any other, and I recently ordered the same size in white.  The fit is flattering, which is hard for me to find (14" shoulders, and Japanese items tend to run a little short in the sleeves and torso on me, but Lady 75 is a perfect fit!)

And I love the androgynous style - this blouse never feels out of place under a JSK, or paired with pants.  

The second are these boots.

I liked these in brown so much that I ordered a black pair as well.  I already had black OTK boots, but they have a higher heel that wears me out after a while.  These have a slight, 1 1/2" stacked heel that is a lot easier for me to manage with a big heavy outfit on.

You gotta cut the bangs yourself, which always makes me nervous...

In a new color!  No more ginger for meeee!

Purple plum wigs have always arrived in great condition, and are easy for me to style and maintain.  Even when the twin tails get really ratty after years of back-combing, I can always comb them out again in a pot of hot water, and they go right back to being silky curls.

And here are some coords with those items, plus a few ways I styled the new wig:

Base + twin tails with a little teasing for volume.
Blouse + both jabbot pieces pinned over shoulders and an extra jabbot.

Base + twin tails with 1/3 rolled and pinned up (and hat pinned in place).
Blouse + both jabbot pieces worn down, held closed by choker instead of lacing.

Base + one twin tail with middle third teased and clipped up for volume and hair gems.
I made due with a different style of blouse for now until the new one arrives.

Here, I twisted the top 1/3 of each fall, and crossed/tied them over the top.
After pinning the "headband" in place, I teased and pinned up the 2/3 as well.

I knew I loved the short base with twin tails style, and I wanted to try an unnatural color that wouldn't clash with my wardrobe. It ended up not being a color at all, but a shade, ha!

And a worn fit to close out this report! 

That's all, folks!

What about you, do you have a non-main-piece you like so much that you wear it all the time?  Or that you love so much you just had to have it in multiple colors?  Tell me about it! 

Until next time! Bear out!"
This frequency will remain open for response.


  1. That wig suits you so well, both the colour and all the styles!
    I think my non-main piece favourites would have to be a blouse I found in a charity shop for all of £2.49 (it goes with so many outfits because of the ivory/cream colour and is great both for summer and for layering in winter), Bodyline's s274 heels (they're super comfortable and I'm so sad that BL discontinued them, I'll have to take extra good care of my pair now) and AatP's Arabesque OTKs in offwhite (they go with pretty much everything!). I find myself gravitating towards those items so often that I feel like I'm unjustifiably biased and should make more effort to wear all the other stuff I own, but these things are so comfy, easy to maintain and versatile!

  2. Thank you! Wow, awesome deal! I think the cheapest I ever found was a vintage blouse from etsy for about twenty bucks. Oh, I know those shoes! They ARE comfy, I didn't know they were being discontinued, though. :/ Those seemed like a pretty good item. I had to google the socks, haha, they're pretty! And I can see how those would work with a lot of coords, too. Ah, but being comfy, versatile, and easy to maintain IS the justification! ^^; Right? Or so I tell myself, as my other shoes look at me sadly...