Friday, January 20, 2017

LBC: Habits You've Picked Up From Lolita Fashion

"Ship's Log, Supplemental Entry:
Most of my habits in lolita were pre-existing, or externally influenced.

However, some, (which my friends and coworkers were kind enough to point out), definitely have their origin in this fashion and my participation in it.

I check dresses on the right side for hidden pockets
Pockets would be on both sides with a mainstream, back zippered or front button dress, but juuuuuust in case, check on the right side. :3  That's where at least one would be, if any.

I add a cute seller's note + stickers when I sell things
I always thought that kind of thing would be weird until I joined the lolita world, but even regular people like that sort of thing.  The More You Know ☆.。.:*・°

I sweep my hands over my butt before sitting down
This is to make sure my skirt is actually beneath me, and not bunched up on my petti on the back of the chair, showing my bloomers.  I do this even if I am not wearing a petticoat.  Even if I am not wearing a skirt, or the type of skirt that even fluffs up enough to even be worried about when sitting down.  I need to be sure my bloomers are not showing.  Even when I am not wearing any... >__>;
...Are my bloomers showing right now?  Omg, you know that feeling when you leave the bathroom stall, and there is no full length mirror to make sure...

And the most noticeable, (and the one I get called out on the most)...

I do the sleeve-gathering gesture before reaching for something
Even if the sleeve is tight, or short.  Even if there is no sleeve.  If you have ever dragged a brand new chiffon blouse with big bell sleeves through pumpkin bisque, you know the exact gesture I am talking about.  Where you hold back the sleeve of the reaching hand with the other, so it doesn't drag or dip into something, all dainty like you've been watching too many geisha documentaries.  You probably did it just now and then crossed yourself after checking that your sleeves are in fact, food-free.  I know I did.

The rest of my habits are pretty standard, or originated elsewhere.  Even the way I shop, line up things in the closet, and decorate is influenced by my regular shopping and regular fashion.

Who knows, maybe I'm not thinking hard enough.  I know for sure that this topic will have me paying attention, going forward.  Habits are kind of... in the background, you know?   I don't particularly notice what I do habitually unless I focus on it, haha!

Until next time! Bear signing off!"

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