Friday, January 13, 2017

LBC: Create A List For
Lolita New Years Resolutions

"Ship's Log, Supplemental Entry:
Disclaimer: New Years Resolutions are tough for me.  

Every January, I write down fantasy goals for a fantasy life, in which I have time to dreamily reflect on my progress, once a week, in a lovely little diary.  (A shiny world, in which I actually crank out blog posts on time.)

But my reality contains more space junk than star dust.  By February 1st, life events will have begun piling themselves up in little coils on top of all my aspirations for 2017.

So to sum up my sentiments that January of 2017 will be no different than December of 2016, and my feelings about new years resolutions in general:  Bah!  Humbug!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way,
here are the promises I won't keep in 2017:

In 2017, I will (not):
Wear lolita more frequently (1-2 times a week).
Have/maintain a cute lolita environment (my office).
Get rid of items I don't use/wear (donate/sales).
Take outfit photos more regularly.
Post more to social media.

Though I wanted to, I didn't stick with these things last year.  And unless I make some immediate changes in my environment to help build better habits, I'm not going to stick with those things this year either.

Wait... that's it, isn't it?  In a month, I won't care, but I do care now, so if I use this motivation to make some immediate changes instead of long-term promises, I might just have a shot at accomplishing some of those goals!  

By February 1st, I will:
Complete my lolita outfit planner worksheet.
Do a "Deep Clean" and a "Buy Back".
Organize, launder, photograph, and pre-pack some items to sell.
Set up a daily photo-shoot corner in office.
Schedule time to relax and blog.

Aha!  There we go!  These are things I'm likely to get done!  Let's break these down into a little more detail:

Complete my lolita outfit planner worksheet.
This worksheet on Un-Fancy really helped me build my capsule wardrobe for work, especially the parts about go-to items and "uniforms".  So now, I just need to bite the bullet and finish it for my lolita wardrobe.  

I'm really excited to finish these sections, especially the one about "uniforms"!

Do a "Deep Clean" and a "Buy Back".
I work in sections (closet, drawers, then vanity, etc.) so it's less overwhelming.  Empty everything.  Wipe it down.  And then, instead of putting everything back, only put back the things you would purchase right now if they weren't yours and you had the money.  Toss, store, donate everything else.

I tossed all but 5 colors and 3 top coats... Don't even ask about my makeup collection.

Organize, launder, photograph, and pre-pack some items to sell.
Actually... pretty straight forward.  Get the footwork out of the way, now, and then I'll actually probably bring some of it to a swap meet or create an online listing.

They're just takin' up space!

Set up a daily photo-shoot corner in office.
I'm really looking forward to this one.  I hope to create an easy-to-maintain, well-lit corner area that I can pop into whenever I want, and snap a quick outfit photo before leaving for the day!  

I want to hang a backdrop curtain over the closet opening.

And lastly...
Schedule time to relax and blog!!!
I need to sit down and actually pencil in some regular "me time".  Time to chill, check on my cats in neko atsume, soak in some bath bombs, and blog.  Hey, if it shows up on my calendar, I might actually stop working for ten minutes and relax. ^^;

So, uh, let's see how long this lasts?

Until next time!  Bear signing off!"

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